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Monday, 25 May 2015

Color Image Swicher in Magento

Hello Friends,

One site i see that when click on image icon in then change image color.
i am searching that any extension  in magneto but mostlly find paid.

then i am try to make simple image swicher or color swicher in magneto.

Check it my code that can help it.

GoTo Admin->manageproduct->addnewproduct(or edit product).

Check Below image we can create custom option in product. here check image for it.

Step1 :  Create custom option

color swicher

Step2: Add Image and also give the label to images

color swicher

After your current theme header.phtml file.

add this script in this your header.phtml

<script type="text/javascript">
jQuery(document).ready(function() {

    jQuery("#select_3").change(function() {
    var optionValueText = jQuery.trim(jQuery('#select_3 :selected').text());
    if(optionValueText != "-- Please Select --")
        alert("#image" + optionValueText);
        var image = "image" + optionValueText;
        jQuery("#image" + optionValueText).show();


in this script comment alert. 

also check id of selectbox

image swicher

I am added Moo_Cloudzoom Extention for so you can added it.

Here it's Media.phtml file it path is in template\moo\catalog\product\view\

Here replace  this code.

foreach ($galleryImages as $_image) {
        $id =  $this->htmlEscape($_image->getLabel());
        $gallery .= '<a id="cloud-zoom-gallery' . $i . ' " href="' . $this->helper('catalog/image')->init($this->getProduct(), 'image', $_image->getFile()) . '" '
                . 'rel="useZoom: \'cloudZoom\', smallImage: \'' . $this->getCloudImage($this->getProduct(), $_image) . '\'" class="cloud-zoom-gallery image'.$id.'" title="' . $this->htmlEscape($_image->getLabel()) . '">'
                . '<img src="' . $this->helper('catalog/image')->init($this->getProduct(), 'thumbnail', $_image->getFile())->resize(56) . '" width="56" height="56" alt="' . $this->htmlEscape($_image->getLabel()) . '"  />'
                . '</a>';

In this i am added on $id. here I am getting image label. this is added in class in a tag.

i am making with back color. this code added in your media.phtml file. check it
the output.

I am adding after addind code you can change selectbox color value you can change color of image